Rates and Cancellation Policy 
 $99 USD for zoom,  facetime or in-person readings, counseling and healings    for 1 hour session

classes and workshops are priced according to their individual tuitions    click here for online class information

Preferred payment methods: cash, (if in person) check,(if I know you),  paypal, zelle, bank transfer, or venmo

Discount for multiple sessions 

In-person session prices may be altered according to location, so it's always best to ask. 

Note:  When I am traveling and working from a Holistic center, I will charge according to their usual practitioner rate, as they take a percentage.  But it's great to support these centers, they keep communities alive.

Cancellation policy - 24 hours minimum!  Please honor your commitment and keep your session, or give me as much notice as you can to cancel, and 24 hours minimum.  I am usually fully booked, and if someone cancels last minute, not only do I lose the business, but someone else that wanted to see me, cannot.  I can only see so many people per day, and have a family and other staff members that depend on me economically.  If a cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time, it's difficult to fill the spot, and I am now asking for payment in full. 

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your session!

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1-617-697-8924    instagram: @psychicwhitestar    email: innerlightla@msn.com