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Curated Sedona Sacred Sites and Shamanic Experiences Adventures:

We are always excited to give shamanic and mystical experiences of Sedona for small or large groups.  We know many areas, sacred to the Indigenous peoples, that are off the beaten path, where we can do ceremonies and connect to the amazing energy of Sedona, one of the most sacred spots on earth.  You truly get a bliss experience in Sedona just being there, and we help to facilitate some very profound spiritual experiences.  Among the work we do: portal work, shamanic ceremonies, initiations, astral traveling, connection with Star Beings, Earth ceremonies, opening the heart, third eye and other chakra work, and readings and healings on this sacred land.  We serve groups of 3 or more, so if you and your friends want to take a trip to sedona and want some really powerful guides and unique experiences... then contact us.  There is a lot of demand for these curated experiences, so please book us ahead of time.  Best times to come to Sedona: April through June, September through November.  December through March is cold, rainy  and snowy in Sedona, which is 5500 ft. high.  And July and August are quite hot with temperatures sometimes into the 100's.  

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Nov. 5, 2023  Phoenix, AZ  (or can join with zoom)

click here to register      Learn: the Meanings of the Rider-Waite Cards, How to read intuitively, how to read playing cards, any deck of your choosing and Medicine Card decks, the History of the Tarot, and the most powerful spreads 

This class can also be joined remotely through zoom.  You will recieve a certificate of completion. 

10am-6pm, $150